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Edition 3,000



listen to me

  • meg getting on sam’s lap and kissing him against his will
  • lilith pinning him against the wall and kissing him against his will
  • the ten million hints lucifer drops about violating sam sexually against his will (for hundreds and hundreds…



Queerbaiting is not something that can be denied by an actor. Queerbaiting is done by the executives in order to draw in a larger audience. They know people watch for relationships and don’t want to go the whole way.

Misha telling us Carver told…


Amelia: “You’ve never seen a birthday cake before?”

Me: *sound of my heart breaking* No, no he hasn’t….

It’s interesting.  When this episode aired there were cried of “oh but Dean would have made Sam a cake”.  Canon tells us that he didn’t and therefore…yes, it IS sad. As much as we might like to think Dean (or John, or Jess…) got a cake for Sam on one of his many birthdays we now know for sure he’s never had a “traditional” birthday cake.  It’s not hard to imagine as the boys would have grown up knowing that birthdays were not as important as saving people and hunting things….